Getting To Know Each Other: 5 Facts


Hello lovely bloggers and readers!

I’ve been blogging for just a few days now, and already I’m starting to feel like I’m getting to know many of you just by reading your blogs and discussing topics in the comments. So far everyone has been very supportive, encouraging, and I feel so welcomed. As I mentioned in my very first blog post, you will get to know me more as time goes on, as long as you stick around of course.

With each post more of myself will be revealed, but I want to know you as well so how about we start with 5 facts?

I’ll answer mine here and you can answer yours in the comment section.

Lets go!

  1. Nickname: Lee, or Lele.
  2. Birthday or Zodiac Sign: My zodiac sign is Pisces. Which means my birthday will be coming soon!
  3. Song that inspires you/Song you love: Jhene Aiko- W.A.Y.S. (Why Aren’t You Smiling) I recommend this song to everyone, please go listen if you haven’t already!
  4. Favorite book: The Twilight Saga. My 9th grade English teacher actually introduced me to Twilight. He knew I loved reading and recommended it to me. At first, I didn’t think I would like it much but I was hooked within the first few pages and I was excited to find out that it was a series. I would read in class, on the bus, and at home until I got sleepy. I’d come to class the next day and he would always ask me if I was already on the next chapter or book. Then he told me they were making the movies, we both went to see them all. (not together of course lol) I’ll never forget him for that.
  5. Why you started a blog: I started blogging because I love anything that involves reading and writing. I would see other peoples blogs or see YouTube videos about it and wished it was something I was doing. Also because i’m usually shy and reserved, blogging, or just writing period allows me to be myself and pour my thoughts and feelings out freely. It also allows me to share the things that I’m interested in with other people who are interested in them as well.

Five facts, five questions answered. Feel like you know me just a little more? Now it’s your turn! Answer the same 5 facts questions about yourself in the comments below.

Until next time, love Lee.


29 thoughts on “Getting To Know Each Other: 5 Facts

  1. Not a very great sport with answering questions cause I usually lurk amongst the invisible hidden away in the Dark shadows!

    But let me give it a try ..

    Nick name : DarkJi, QueenD, phoenix, moon etc …
    (that’s what a few of my wp buddies refer to me as)

    Birthday is hidden away in the shadows ..

    Surprisingly I’m not a hardcore fan of music.. yes yes I know! I’m weird..

    Favorite book: The flesh of the orchid – James Hadley Chase

    Started a blog cause I had a bunch of worries I wanted to escape from and as an introvert it was hard to connect with people and not everyone seemed interested in my agony!

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    1. Hello! It’s nice to meet you! We seem to be alike in many ways, both introverts. I sometimes feel like I’m hidden away in my own world lol and I can tell you love a great book. I haven’t read that one but it has an interesting title.

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  2. Nice to meet you luv! I shall participate:
    1. It depends on who’s speaking to me: kg, KatieG, Kathy, etc. It really depends on who it is and who’s speaking.
    2. Gemini!!! I used to say it with pride because I am in good company with people like, Kanye West and Maxwell. But then I found out the president is also a Gemini…now I’m not so prideful lol
    3. This is a hard one. It depends on the day. I just posted my Black History songs, so that might give some insight.
    4. I really like The Alchemist. The Life of Pi is a close second. Black Boy is definitely on the list and then Their Eyes Were Watching God.
    5. Initially I started because I wanted to sell my first book, Kwoted, but then I actually fell in love with the community.

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  3. I have no nickname, Aquarius, I like too many songs to name one, favorite book probably Tom Sawyer, I started my blog to post my poetry and record my road to recovery. It’s expanded to highlighting other poets through blog spotlight and poets speak, poets of Instagram. I’ve also added spirituality for the day and great poets, and quotes from an AA book and Daily Meditations Book. It’s always evolving. I’ll probably keep switchingbit up to keep it fresh. Go for your goals! Write everything

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      1. Thank you birthday done. Soundcloyd has recordings of poets reading their poetry, what I suggested for you. There are poets on Instagram and I can cut and paste the hyperlink into my site and it keeps all the formatting. I wanted to feature them because most of them do shorter more impactful pieces often on pictures. But it doesn’t seem to generate as many likes and comments as other features. All my features are listed in the right border of my blog. I might put a page explaining all my sections, thanks for the idea!!

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  4. Hello nice to meet you and thanks for the follow xx I am terrible at answering questions but lets go.
    1.Nickname – breezer –
    2. birthday….February ..yes I too am a fish 🙂
    3. songs that inspire me – this is the very hard one. so many and I can not remember the names – i hear it and go yeah….
    4Favouite Book…I have too many also. I would say my favorite author is Liz Byrski a West Australian Author
    5why I started to blog – My sisters and I were on our first holiday together. A cruise up the Rhine, some of the guests didn’t believe we were sisters. We don’t look alike, and I’m not sure what they thought of us. They didn’t associate with us…unless they wanted to ask 100 questions then go and talk about us behind/in front of our backs. So we laughed a lot about it….didnt let it faze us….and would say…wait till we are famous and then you will have wished to like us..I said well lets blog about it…write a book have a movie about our cruise….so thats it in a nutshell. The book has started the blog is going really well.

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  5. Hello Lee, and that’s a very good reason to write. And i liked the twilight series( couldn’t make enough time to read the books) as well, but mostly the first three movies, and sadly not the story but the vampires and wolves. That inspired me to write a good story of mine.

    So here goes my answers for your questions

    My name is Udit, too short to get a nick name. Yet i got a pen name, Aedit as it goes.

    Zodiac is The Scorpio

    I suck at having favorites but one that I can list is Mockingbird by Eminem. I have this wish to adopt a girl someday

    Again, no favorites, but One Day, the way the author had written the book in. I was awestruck by it

    I blog ( though which I don’t, its up since 2015 and I started writing this January) because it could help me be consistent with writing. Still i would consider myself just a writer and not a blogger at all.
    Also, as they say if you are good at something, never do it for free then maybe this blog is my charity xDD

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  6. I’d love to do this, hope am not too late?
    Nick name: Bolu Taiwo, Diamond, Mummy Bolu{back then in secondary school, when I behave like a mum}

    Zodiac sign: Taurus…I stick to my ideas, takes me a long time to commit to a relationship and once I do, my dear am in, always love to be a leader. Uhmm?? Bad right??

    Best songs: I love “gold” by Britt Nicole and all songs by Anthem Lights

    Favorite book: Shades of blue by Karen Kingsbury… It’s just on point, inspirational, motivational, spiritual, educational and causes this emotional stirrup.

    I started blogging cos I know it’s one of the best ways to communicate with souls especially through my poems. The theme of my blog: Freely received, freely given. I knew I could write, I developed myself{still in the process} to become a better me, influence others, then it becomes a better world.👌

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  7. I actually have quite a few nicknames, and most of them are variations of Chum. So it’s Chum, Chumé, Chum babe, Chums etc.

    I love taking up new hobbies and trying out new things, provided I don’t have to socialise much.

    I’m an INFJ(introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging). (If you don’t know about MBTI, I highly suggest finding out and taking the personality test. It’s so very accurate most times. For me, it’s almost spot on)

    I’m a vegetarian! Been all my life. Never even touched an egg.

    And the last, my favourite colour keeps changing 😊

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