Baby Fever: Have You Caught It?

Many of us have experienced it, I know I have. You’re scrolling down the timeline of your favorite social media app  and suddenly you see the CUTEST picture of a baby, or more! You watch a few videos of babies doing the cutest things and you get that urging fever to have your own. No?

Okay. What about your adorable niece/nephew, baby cousin, or even all of your closest friends babies? Getting exited about the great news, going to the baby showers, seeing all of the little clothes and shoes… And when they’re born seeing how cute they can really be. Knowing that they aren’t your kids and you don’t have to deal with the whole responsibility as a parent is definitely an easy way to catch baby fever. Once you catch this virus, you usually don’t think about the whole responsibility. You just want that unconditional love and cuteness overload.

Since high school, I’ve seen more and more pregnancies each year.It’s almost like everywhere you look there’s a pregnancy being announced. Most of my friends have had their first baby in the past few years  but I know people from high school having their 2nd and 3rd already. Often with a different mother/father but that’s another story. Are these people just having unprotected sex thoughtlessly? Or is it baby fever? Maybe a trend? Many celebrities have been announcing pregnancies lately, or just recently had a new born. Such as Beyonce who just announced her pregnancy with twins, and Blac Chyna who recently gave birth to baby girl, Dream Kardashian. Yes, I do understand that some people have a baby to start or extend their family out of nothing but love. It still seems to be a sort of trend now to me.

I’ve been a victim many times mainly when seeing the adorable babies on social media, or friends having theirs. It comes and goes, much like a cold. But it seems obvious that we’re more likely to have baby fever when we’re seeing the nicest parts of being a parent. Such as cuddling with your baby, seeing your baby smile, taking those beautiful pictures, all the compliments, seeing them crawl or walk for the first time and being able to share it with everyone you love. Then it fades and you’re less likely to have it when they’re crying, you notice there are things you will have to give up, or when seeing children misbehave.

Baby fever is a real emotion, even men get it. I know this because my boyfriend has had a moment where he talked to me about having kids. He even knows exactly how many he wants;4. Yikes! Maybe 2 or 3 lol. Anyway, he was seeing his best friend and everyone else in the family having babies, yet everyone is still waiting on our addition. One day…One day. The first thing you should do is look at your circumstances and consider if having a baby will be the best decision for not only you but the baby too. For me, that wouldn’t be the best decision right now. So, whenever I catch a fever I’ll just cope by reminding myself of all the responsibility and knowing that I should wait until I’m fully stable in life.

Have you ever experienced baby fever? Do you have children already? Men with baby fever? Comment, I’d love to read your thoughts.♥

Until next time, Love Lee.





9 thoughts on “Baby Fever: Have You Caught It?

  1. It comes and goes like you said like a cold! I feel this pressure to give my daughter a sibling. It is deffiently a trend. Ive looked up 2 under 2 more times than i can count. Ive judged. But im also really jealous that these women are so selfless. Im just not ready to give up that one nap that my daughter has each day that i get to have myself. Also this inspired me to reveal the not so great parts of motherhood. Im sorry for the long comments 😂


    1. Lol it’s okay! I love long comments most it builds a connection, makes me feel like you’re really interested, and let’s me know you did read it. I know once I have my first child i’m gonna feel the pressure to have a second, and then 3rd only because I want a certain age gap between them and to have that full house, happy family feeling lol something I didn’t have. But like you said, you’re gonna want that extra little time for yourself for a nap or whatever else it may be, can’t really have that with a full house of young children aha


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