Nice to meet me?

Hi. I’m Anonymous, and you are?

Lol, JK! Not really anonymous but for now let’s call me Lee. I’m 22 years old and this is..(drum roll please)


Okay, I know it’s not that big of a deal but it’s definitely exciting. Writing has been my passion since elementary school. I loved writing short stories and poetry, reading, and imagining all the things I could possibly write about. Endless possibilities! I’ve always wanted to start a blog but the question I had to ask myself was, where exactly do I start? I started by doing a lot of research as I always do when interested in anything. This included google searches, and watching many YouTube videos on the subject. I then thought about what my focus would be, which is probably what you’re wondering right?

Within this blog I want to spread love, knowledge, and positivity to young women and I didn’t want to limit myself. There are so many things to write and talk about, so many things we’re all interested in, and so many things going on in a lifetime. So why focus on just one thing? But don’t worry, this blog won’t be ALL over the place.  Here you can look forward to topics such as relationships, self awareness/esteem, story times, natural hair, and SO much more! But if you want to know more you’ll have to come back:) I can’t give everything away at once, that just takes away from the mystery and I’m a very mysterious person or so I’ve been told, but I definitely believe it. In a good way I promise! ♥

Things aren’t always what they seem so always keep an open mind. Things can seem the same but be very different. Check back frequently and I’m sure something will catch your attention:)

Until next time, Love Lee.

PS: Please leave any feedback, tips, or suggestions as this is my first time blogging. I would really love and appreciate it!


Behind The Name

Golden Pink Journal. What does that even mean? While it seems pretty obvious, the name does actually have a specific meaning behind it. Choosing a name is something we all love to do, even though it takes time and can get frustrating. Whether it be a title, username, or even for a new baby. You can’t just pick anything. It has to relate and it has to capture the needed attention. Golden Pink Journal was not the first name I had in mind but in the end it fit better than the other ideas I came up with. So how did I decide?

Some things that I look at when choosing names and titles include:


♥Symbolic Meanings

♥Meaningful/Unique Words & Definitions

♥Purpose(What is the name/title for?)

If you search the meaning of the color gold you get that it is associated with love, compassion, and wisdom. It is also associated with prosperity, wealth, and glamour! Now, take a look at the meaning for pink. Pink is a delicate feminine color that means sweet, playful, cute, romantic, and is the color of universal love of oneself and others.♥ All of these words I would use to describe my blog, while gold and pink are two of my favorite colors. Perfect!

When you think of a journal you usually think of newspapers, diaries, and magazines. I wanted the set up and feel of my blog to be just like a newspaper/magazine with the personal, raw touch of a diary which is why I chose to include Journal in the title. Now all together it sounds like this “journal” is a woman’s ultimate lifestyle guide. I absolutely love it!

Anyone that’s reading, i’d love to hear how you came up with your blog names or just names/titles in general. Do you do anything differently with your process? Or is it a process at all?

Until next time, Love Lee.