Hobby Adventures: Nail Designs (pt.2)

Last week I shared a few old pictures of some nail designs I tried on myself. If you haven’t checked that post out already, go ahead and do that before or after you’re all done here:) Hobby Adventures: Nail Designs (pt.1)

Painting my nails quickly became a hobby I enjoyed. I was a beginner, so the designs weren’t really fancy and a beginner is where I stayed because I lost interest just as quickly. I mentioned I would be sharing a few of my hobbies I’ve had throughout the years for the next few weeks, and possibly recreating some of them. So today I decided to recreate one of my nail designs. Was it a pass or fail?

This is the design I decided to recreate, but I wanted to use different colors. I didn’t have the same exact color choices anyway.

I chose to go with pink, silver, and blue. Instead of doing the cheetah print I wanted to try polka dots hoping they would smear nicely after applying a top coat for a cool effect.

I first applied a clear coat base, this protects the nail from staining and also helps the paint last longer. The same with applying a top coat. Once I decided which color I wanted each nail, I began to draw the XO. The first time I did this I believe I used a toothpick or a skinnier polish brush which I didn’t have this time so I had to use the blue polish brush lightly. I also used this method to do my polka dots.

Basically, it didn’t turn out how I hoped. Pass or fail? Definitely a fail. Take a look for yourself:

After applying the clear top coat you can kind of see the effect I was talking about. Kind of… And yes, I didn’t bother cleaning around my nails because I knew I wouldn’t be keeping them this way.

Trying to draw the XO on my left hand was very difficult. A hot mess.

I believe where I messed up the most was using a bit too much polish than needed. This causes the drying time to last forever. That was always my problem as well as patience. I was ready to do other tasks and my nails suffered in the process smearing all over the place and taking on other textures. This is how they looked after all the madness… Does it say “RO” now? Is that even a letter at all anymore? A hot mess.

A better look at that effect I keep talking about that never turned out right…

So is this a hobby I can see myself getting back into? Probably not. LOL!
Solid colors and a little glitter will do just fine.

See you all next week with another hobby adventure!adk_0001


Stream of Consciousness💭|2/17/18

A stream of consciousness entry from my journal…


Blank space, blank mind. Still I write without knowing if words will even come to me. The more I write the more they do but they don’t always make sense. Does life ever make sense? I think I know things and then I am confused. Then I think I’ve figured things out only to be confused again. Or lost again. Crazy, weird, strange. Just some random words that came to mind. I am supposed to be leaving soon. I am constantly moving from place to place. I am constantly stuck in the same place. How is that possible? And why do I feel like I’ve written this before? Maybe I’ve written something similar. Maybe I’ve just discovered a pattern in my thoughts? This is something my counselor will be interested in during my next visit I’m sure.

My thoughts have just been interrupted. I had to stop my cat (Zoey) from chewing up my earphones. She gets info everything.

Now she lays on top of a few of my notebooks which are on top of my laptop.

I was talking (or thinking) about my next counseling session. Now I am talking about cats…

I’ve recently started counseling and one of my first “homework” assignments is to write about the things I want to work on and improve most, and the thoughts I am thinking when I am feeling a certain way. This entry has given me something to write for that assignment. I’m thinking about sharing bits and pieces of this new journey. Mainly for my own documentation but also for anyone reading who might be thinking of starting counseling. Maybe you’ve already gone on that journey and you’d just be interested in relating to someone else’s. This is just a quick update on what I’ve been up to and what’s to come.💖

Hobby Adventures: Nail Design💅🏽✨

I was recently looking back on some of the activities I’ve enjoyed throughout the years and started to wonder how each skill, talent, or hobby could have improved by now had I kept up with them. I didn’t hate these activities. I loved them a lot actually, but not as much as writing. Writing is something I haven’t given up on or taken a break from like I have with other things. Which is how I knew writing was more than just a hobby but that’s another topic.

Today, and for the next few weeks, I’d like to share some of my favorite “hobby adventures” with you all and maybe even challenge myself to recreate some of them. For example, this Friday I’ll be showing my adventure with nail design. Next Friday I could be recreating a nail design or moving on to another hobby.

The story…

I always enjoyed doing my own nails. I hated going to nail salons trying to find the perfect set I liked and waiting for my turn. I also didn’t care too much for the aftermath of once those fake nails are ready to come off how your real nails feel and look. So instead I practiced doing different designs. I would search Google and YouTube for easy nail tutorials and try them myself. Sometimes my little cousins would want me to do their nails also. During this phase cheetah print was trending so a lot of the time I did my nails with cheetah print on them. I found this to be easier along with stripes than some other designs. Here are a few pictures of some of my nails:

I would see those cute little Instagram/Pinterest pictures of girls showing off their nails holding a nail polish used so this was my attempt at that lol…

I remember really loving the white and gold here, some yellow also. Still loving it now.

I’m not really into snakes (they scare me), but this ring caught my eye and I couldn’t leave it, it was the only one. I bought it working at my first job, TJMaxx. Unfortunately, I lost it shortly after as with all the other great rings and necklaces I got while working there.
On my ring finger, I used crackle nail polish, does anyone still use those? I think you have to be very skilled with that kind of nail polish or its just hit or miss lol. At times it worked out, at times it didn’t. Obviously, it didn’t here because you can barely tell. The polish only cracked at the tip.

These XO (The Weeknd inspired) nails were my favorite. I think all of these were done back in 2012-2013. Of course, none of these were perfect but as I mentioned earlier I believe with more practice I would have improved and would have been quite proud of myself to see the growth.

Eventually, I got tired of having to redo chipped nails, or messing them up before they dried which I was also good at doing. If I couldn’t make lines straight I would use tape and sometimes that got messy with the polish. It all just became extremely annoying so I stopped trying designs and would paint them in solid colors, resulting in the end of the nail phase.

Do you go to nail salons or do your own nails? Maybe you aren’t into painting your nails at all. Are there any hobbies that you have given up?

Valentine’s Day Playlist: 50 Love Songs!❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are single or in a happy relationship I am wishing you a day full of love with this playlist of 50 love songs, because I couldn’t choose only 14! You can listen whenever you feel the love, not just for Valentine’s Day, there are so many lovely songs that could…

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Anti-Valentines Day Playlist🚫❤️

Valentines Day is approaching and I know that there are some people out there that absolutely hate it for different reasons. Maybe they hate seeing all the cheesy couple photos in red and pink, or maybe they’ve just become single before the holiday. Whatever the reason, I’ve put together a list of songs for the occasion.

Initially, I was going to include 14 songs for this post but then I thought to myself, why? This is the ANTI Valentines Day playlist. We’re not getting all fancy and cute with the number 14 here. But whether you are happily single, sad and single, or taken there’s a song you can enjoy or relate to. Not that you’ll want to relate.

If you aren’t so anti-Valentines Day don’t worry, I’ve got a playlist full of love coming as well.

  1. The Weeknd – The Birds (Part 1)
  2. Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows
  3. JoJo – I Hate Love
  4. Rihanna – No Love Allowed
  5. Miley Cyrus – Someone Else
  6. Neyo – So Sick
  7. Jhene Aiko – Nobody
  8. Beyonce – Me, Myself and I
  9. Beyonce – Single Ladies
  10. Beyonce – Sorry
  11. Kelly Clarkson – Since You Been Gone
  12. Rihanna – Needed Me
  13. Selena Gomez – Same Old Love
  14. Selena Gomez – Me & My Girls
  15. Usher – U Don’t Have To Call
  16. Eamon – Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)
  17. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River
  18. Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood
  19. Big Sean ft E-40 – IDFWU
  20. Pink – So What
  21. Nick Jonas – Bacon
  22. Miley Cyrus ft Britney Spears – SMS
  23. Drake – Hotline Bling
  24. Tinashe – Company
  25. M.O – Not In Love
  26. Drake – Fake Love

What song would you add to this list? Has there ever been a time you hated the thought of Valentine’s Day? Comment below.

Listen to the playlist here.


Stream Of Consciousness💭|2/12/18

A stream of consciousness entry from my journal:

I didn’t realize it had already been a week since I last journaled. Not that I haven’t been keeping entries in my mind. My constant busy mind. I’ll be starting something new soon…
A good friend asked me am I nervous. I am. But I’m not. I’m always conflicted. Is that what I mean to say?
Anyways, I still feel like life is getting better. In my reality and in my little fantasy world. Things are still crashing down while other things are building up. Its because I’m taking the necessary steps. Baby steps but… crawl before you walk right? And then you can run where ever you want. Chase and catch all your wildest dreams. It’s all in reach and possible if you just stay positive and keep going. With each step, you are closer to your destination. Don’t go searching for shortcuts, or the easy way out because you’ll find yourself lost often.
Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad after all.
You find yourself when you lose yourself.

I’ve lost myself and found myself plenty of times.
Who am I?
This time am I finding my truest self? How many layers are left?Here is the weird little doodle I did at the bottom of the page… Drawing obviously isn’t my talent lol:

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